Who is Teddy and his Owner?

is a plushie bear that doesn’t talk or move, but he can do it rarely. However, his owner and only best friend, Kanato Sakamaki, doesn’t allow anybody to touch or talk to him since he is so precious to him.

Kanato Sakamaki is the fourth son of the Sakamaki household. But the interest thing about him is that he, as his brothers, is a vampire.

Kanato is a rather short, thin figure with a noticeably younger look about him than his brothers, thus causing him to stand out as more childlike in appearance. He has light purple hair, which he inherited from his mother, with matching eyes, and dark undertones beneath them, most likely due to lack of sleep.

Kanato may appear polite and rather soft-spoken, but is in fact quite mentally unstable, and shows signs of psychotic behavior when angered. He is shown to be moved to tears easily, and adores sweets. Perhaps his most prominent trait is his attachment to his precious teddy bear, Teddy, whom he is always depicted holding and will become enraged if a person takes, let alone touches or speaks “familiarly” to him.



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