Wow~! Look at this recipe~! This hot chocolate looks so beautiful and delicious~! This is the best way to defeat the cold Winter at your Home~!


~Strawberries with Mint Whipped Cream~

My Owner and me appreciate every Dessert recipe~! This includes even the simplest ones that exist like Strawberries with some cream~ He loves fruits so much too. So mixing some sweet elements with them are such a perfect combination~! ^^ Trying the mint whipped cream is a bit new for us, but it’s still delicious~

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~Cupcake Guide~


Cupcakes are wonderful~~! It’s amazing that there are many ways you can use to prepare them~! But each one has their own likes and methods~ My Owner liked the sour cream and the eggs yolks cupcakes so much, just like me~ ^^

Yes, they are popular. But you can find Cupcakes at the grocery store bakery are either bland or cloyingly sweet. Besides, so many have an awful crumbly or greasy texture and artificial aftertaste. And you will be agree with my Owner and me when we comment that Homemade cupcakes are always better. Though small changes in the flour, fat, baking times, and baking temperatures can result in very different cupcakes.

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~Making Flax egg~

Ne,nee~! If reading the recipe for making some flax egg is not enough for you, you can watch this video in order to have an easier help~ ^^

~Teddy and a Bread Pudding~

bread pudding~

Yeey~! I made some bread pudding yesterday with my Owner and we were soooo happy and glad~! He ate all the dessert in the same day we prepared it~

Owner: Teddy, this bread pudding was truly sweet and appetizing~! Would you like to prepare more tomorrow~?

Teddy: *nods and claps happily*

Owner: *giggles* You are a very good boy~ *hugs him tightly*

~Chewy Turkish Ice Cream~ (Dondurma Maraş)

We love Ice-cream so much~! It’s a lovely dessert to eat in those hot days of summer, but everybody can have some in anytime they like~ We prefer making ours, but this one is new for us and interesting~ I was suggested by a girl to publish it, so here it is~!

Dondurma means ice cream or literally ‘freezing’ and Maraş is the town where this famous ice cream originates.More milk than cream because it is already such a thick ice cream. A grain of mastic pounded with a little sugar for that resiny piney taste and chewiness and some sahlab powder for that thick silky texture.

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