~Hungarian chocolate roll~


Chocolate is happineeeess~~! Teddy and I, with his Owner, did lost of these rolls a few days ago! And they were so delicious~! ^^

In Hungary, they use the metric system, but to make it easier for those who prefer the imperial units, I included those as well; you can see them written in round brackets.
As far as I know, this dessert is not originated exclusively in Hungary, but since some of the ingredients are typically found only there (or maybe in some neighboring countries as well), such as “Szerencsi” cocoa powder and household biscuits (Hun.: háztartási keksz), I named it as ‘Hungarian chocolate roll‘. Besides, this is a Hungarian recipe that I translated to English.

Nuevo Lien


  • 1 pack/250 g of household biscuits (or any slightly sweet biscuits)
  • 250 ml (1 cup) cream
  • 50 g (3 tablespoons) sugar
  • 30 g (2 tablespoons) cocoa powder (In case you are in Hungary, I recommend using “Szerencsi”, because it’s of best quality!)
  • 30 ml (6 teaspoons) rum

For the filling:

  • 100 ml (~ 1/3 cup) cream
  • 50 g (3 tablespoons) sugar
  • 20 g (4 teaspoons) vanilla sugar
  • 50 g (3 tablespoons) margarine

Nuevo Lien


  1. Grind the biscuits to a fine powder.
  2. Use a pot to mix the cream with the sugar and cocoa powder. Scald/boil the mixture.
  3. Pour it on the ground biscuits. Mix it well.
  4. On a foil, roll the biscuit cocoa dough flat so that its thickness is consistent enough to form a roll.
  5. Spread the cream/filling* all over it, then roll it up.
  6. Wrap it in the foil, then put it in the fridge to harden (about 1-2 hours).
  7. Take it out and cut it into 1 cm (1/2 inch) thick pieces.

*How to prepare the filling:

Using a separate pot, mix the cream with the sugar and the vanilla sugar, then boil/scald them. Once the mixture cooled down, add the margarine and stir them together well.


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