~Layered sweet biscuit pudding cake~


This is a dessert that I personally love very much~! It’s easy to prepare, even for those who are beginners at cooking/baking~! I wasn’t at Teddy’side so much when he was preparing this dessert with Kanato, but I know the recipe~ So here it is~!

In Hungary, they have a special kind of biscuits, which is called “Albert keksz” and has a slightly sweet taste. If you are in this country, then I highly recommend using these biscuits for this dessert~! But I believe that it’s also delicious if you use ladyfingers or any other sweet biscuits. As for the pudding, you can use not only one, but two packs of either the chocolate or the vanilla pudding, depending on which one you like better. That way, your dessert will be softer and not so dry. ^^

Nuevo Lien


– 1 pack of sweet biscuits or ladyfingers (ca. 220 g)

– 1 liter milk (for the pudding)

– 1 pack of instant chocolate pudding mix (I recommend Dr Oetker)

– 1 pack of instant vanilla pudding mix

– 5 or 6 tablespoons of sugar (for the pudding)

Nuevo Lien


  1. Prepare the instant pudding according to the description.
  2. Put one layer of biscuits/ladyfingers in an oval or round Jena bowl.
  3. Cover them in chocolate pudding (the thicker the layer of the pudding is, the softer your dessert will be~)
  4. For the next layer, use the biscuits/ladyfingers again. Then cover them with vanilla pudding. Repeat this until you run out of pudding and biscuits (1 layer biscuits – 1 layer chocolate pudding – 1 layer biscuits – 1 layer vanilla pudding). The last layer must be pudding.
  5. When it’s done, put the dessert in the fridge for 3 hours to soften and to cool down.
  6. I recommend eating it with whipped cream ^^

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