~Gothic Wedding~

My Owner has the hobby of creating Dresses for those girls who come at our Mansion, all of them named by him and his brothers as “Sacrificial Brides”. Since they are Vampires, I think you should imagine what it means.

He loves many kinds of Dresses, and those ones from the Gothic Wedding are ones of his favorites~

If you wish to marry, you can add certain elements of a gothic wedding ceremony in order to create a sense of drama and mystery.

Having a Gothic Wedding, what does it mean?

We have to follow the line of thought from the goth movement, which is an offshoot of the punk rock movement of the 1980s. Its philosophy is too complex, but the main principle is the rejection of mainstream belief and values. Goths style themselves as free thinkers, unafraid to delve into taboo subjects such as magic, mysticism and the darker side of life. A gothic wedding ceremony is a rejection of traditional wedding practice and the relationship that it implies.

Elements of mysticism and ancient Druidic practice can be incorporated in a fully traditional gothic wedding ceremony. Some choose to keep wedding tradition intact, while incorporating the darker color scheme and dramatic feel of a gothic wedding ceremony. The question is: Do you want to affirm a philosophy or simply create a look?

Gothic Wedding Ceremony’s look

A gothic wedding ceremony can be characterized by a darker color scheme. Black wedding attire, dramatic hues and candles are all reminiscent of a gothic wedding ceremony. You can choose a palate with richer colors such as ruby red, navy and emerald green if you don’t want to go extremes. A touch of dark velvet for the groomsmen and stunning ruby red gowns for your bridesmaids can add just the right flare. In addition, crimson roses and dark ivy lend a striking backdrop to your wedding ceremony or reception.

If you want your guests to “get” the theme that you are trying to create, all aspects of the ceremony should be in harmony, if you want all the elements of your gothic wedding ceremony to come together. For instance, playing light jazz music as your guests enter the reception area would probably not fit within the gothic landscape. A classical overture with haunting and melodic rhythms would be a far better choice for a gothic wedding ceremony.

Choosing an appropriate wedding venue for your celebration is another way to goth up your wedding. To invoke a sense of drama, look for venues with an older feel. Think burgundy velvet chairs, fireplaces, high arches and oak paneling. Of course, be sure to inquire about the venue’s regulations regarding adding additional decoration to the existing set-up. Add gothic touches to prepare the atmosphere.

Finding Gothic Wedding Gear

If you decide to move forward with your plans for a gothic wedding ceremony, you will need to find supplies to make your vision a reality. If you live in a major metropolitan area, you can probably find a store specializing in gothic paraphernalia. If your budget permits, you can also have your wedding attire and favors handmade. Otherwise, you can probably find what you need online.

About Gothic Wedding Dresses

Your wedding is your chance to let your bridal beauty — and your personality — shine, so it is not the time to look like everyone else. If you love gothic, steampunk, or vintage styles, then make a dramatic entrance in a gothic wedding dress. This style lets you play with Victorian, Medieval, Renaissance, and other historic influences and wear less traditional wedding colors. If you do not see yourself eating cake and strutting on the dance floor in a crisp, white strapless dress, then opt for a black gothic wedding dress, a crimson gown, or a green corset dress. Smile for your wedding photos in bell sleeves or full, bustled skirts. You can complement your gothic wedding dress with steampunk and vintage accessories, such as fascinators, fans, parasols, or cloaks.

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