~Gothic Wedding Cakes~

My Owner liked the information a showed to you about the Gothic Wedding~ Yeeey~! However, he was asking almost all the time: “Where’s the Cake? I care about the Cake, so where is it?!”. So here’s some information about it that he wanted me so badly to share~ He doesn’t care about marriage, but about the cakes and sweets, always.

To begin with, Gothic wedding cakes has it’s origins in the nineteenth century Gothic novels by Bram Stoker and Mary Shelley. The modern Goth has been an offshoot of the punks and skinheads of the 1970’s, teenage rebels who were and are drawn to the macabre visions of graveyard monsters and the regalia that goes with them. For some middle class parents, It must have been a shock to come home and find their teenagers with green hair, black lipstick and palid moon-tan skins.

However, even Goth teenagers blossom into adults, and most will still pay a moment’s homage to their past with gothic wedding cakes by having a gothic wedding theme for their wedding day.

Nuevo Lien

Gothic Style Wedding Cake

Gothic wedding cake can include anything from Halloween to Hollywood and these sometimes spooky cakes will usually be ordered with tongue pressed firmly in cheek. Some of the designs are remarkable and the Gothic wedding cake toppers can be a lot of fun. See if you can draw inspiration from some of these wedding cake designs.




Lovely two tier white, red and black fondant wedding cake decorated with red and white roses. Garnished with red jewels. Photo by Gladys White fromwww.thenakedartisan.com






Two tier white and black Gothic cake, decorated with black sugar paste roses, large black pearls and a black fondant bow and rose wedding cake topper. By Aundrea, from CakesThatRock http://www.flickr.com







Very classy three tier Gothic black and white wedding cake, decorated with black hanging gems and hand painted scrolls. Garnished with a big beautiful black ribbon and brooch. Fromwww.makiscakes.com







Gorgeous three tier black and white Goth style wedding cake, decorated with black sugar paste roses and thorns. From www.bethanylankin.com


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