~Inspiring And Dramatic Vampire Wedding Ideas~

Hello, dear Followers and Visitors~! Remember the article about gothic wedding that Teddy shared with you~? If you liked it, then this one will also be entertaining for you~! Me and my Owner were so excited and happy when we came across these wonderful ideas, especially because she dreams about having a vampire wedding one day. And given the fact that Kanato-kun is a real vampire, it is not an impossible wish~ We chose the photos we liked the most, which was not an easy thing to do. Anyways, enjoy and have fun with these amazing ideas~! ^^

Nuevo Lien

Vampires have become so popular recently! All those films just blow our minds and make us think of eternal life and, of course, eternal love. If you are also crazy about vampires and decided to incorporate them into your big day, these ideas are for you. Vampire-inspired décor means everything red and black, from décor to outfits. I think that a black wedding dress can’t be more actual anywhere else than here, at a vampire wedding. Hint on blood with red rhinestones and food and cocktails; go for dark red roses everywhere and for your bouquet. Coffins, skulls and crosses will complete your vampire-inspired décor. Get more adorable ideas below!

Let’s have a look at the drinks first~! Since our goal is to get drinks which look similar to blood, the best choice is red wine or any dark red drink. Look at the picture on the left, the bottle even has the label “Vampire”~!

inspiring-and-dramatic-vampire-wedding-ideas-2                       inspiring-and-dramatic-vampire-wedding-ideas-1-500x750

And since we are talking about a vampire wedding, the cake must have an unusual look as well~!

inspiring-and-dramatic-vampire-wedding-ideas-10-500x750                       inspiring-and-dramatic-vampire-wedding-ideas-17-500x746

What about the seating arrangement? Just put the cards with the guests’ names between vampire teeth~!


And now, here’s a lovely black and red dress and a marvellous garter with a bat~:



In case you are wondering what to put the rings in, the solution is simple: tiny coffins~!


And finally, enjoy the rest of the decoration ideas~!

inspiring-and-dramatic-vampire-wedding-ideas-13  inspiring-and-dramatic-vampire-wedding-ideas-18-500x751inspiring-and-dramatic-vampire-wedding-ideas-23-500x751         inspiring-and-dramatic-vampire-wedding-ideas-25-500x750






















Thank you, weddingomania.com~!


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