~Biscoff Churro Muddy Buddies~


The four of us decided to watch vampire movies together, but of course we couldn’t do it without having some snacks~ If you want to munch on something other than popcorn while having a movie night with your friends, then this sweet treat is definitely for you~!

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~Beach Wedding~

The last few days, my Owner and me were remembering those days we went to the beach to have some…rest? We didn’t want to go, but his big brother obliged us. In our house in the beach, we were enjoying the view we got from the sea far away. But apart from that, we saw a group of humans who were celebrating something, which seemed like a wedding. We heard about this kind of wedding in the beach, but it was our first time in seeing it. So I thought then that I could show you information about this wedding too~ Just like the others I posted~ ^w^

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~Sweetheart Jamwiches~

I remember that Vani prepared this to my Owner and me many times. But the first time she made them was in a special day; a day that is celebrated by you, humans. San Valentine’s day, I recall. My Owner isn’t interest a lot in this day, but he knows that he might receive sweets and chocolate from someone. This recipe from her was truly lovely and delicious~! So now I’m sharing it with you~ ^^

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