~Beach Wedding~

The last few days, my Owner and me were remembering those days we went to the beach to have some…rest? We didn’t want to go, but his big brother obliged us. In our house in the beach, we were enjoying the view we got from the sea far away. But apart from that, we saw a group of humans who were celebrating something, which seemed like a wedding. We heard about this kind of wedding in the beach, but it was our first time in seeing it. So I thought then that I could show you information about this wedding too~ Just like the others I posted~ ^w^

Nuevo Lien

To begin with, if you like the idea of a beach wedding or beach themed wedding, but you also have some other ideas and dreams that keep popping up, find a way to have your cake and eat it:

1. If you want to be an all out barefoot bride (or groom), then have both your ceremony and your reception on the beach. Say your vows under a beautiful bridal gazebo and dance the night away barefoot on the sand.

2. Don’t want to worry about the logistics of a reception on the beach? Have a romantic sunset wedding ceremony on the beach and host your reception at a suitable venue close-by (preferably with a killer view of the ocean!).

3. If you have always dreamed of walking down the isle of your church, but you also like the idea of a wedding on the beach, then say your nuptials in a church or a chapel. and have a beach side wedding reception.

4. You can also opt to have your ceremony and your reception somewhere else and just have your cocktail hour on the beach.

5. Or finish your wedding reception at a reasonable time, go and put on another dress and have a beach wedding after party!

6. If you are nowhere near the ocean, but want to use it as the inspiration on your special day, simply have a beach themed wedding wherever you are! This can include an open air ceremony near a river or lake, in a church or even at your reception site.

Nuevo Lien

Wait, why do I have to do a Beach Wedding?

1.  The seaside is certainly one of the most beautiful and romantic venues for a ceremony and/or reception. You have one of the most spectacular settings that nature can offer.

2.  If chosen right, they can be very secluded and intimate, and therefore all the more special.

3.  It is the definitive “relaxed” and informal wedding. If you cannot stand the idea of a stiff and formal event, then this is definitely for you. This is exactly why it has become trendy to wed on the beach. More couples opt for the relaxed feel of a wedding on the beach as opposed to the often very formal traditional church ceremony.

4.  When you are not so restricted by tradition you are free to personalize your special day with elements true to yourselves.

5. Your seaside wedding or beach themed celebration can range from absolutely informal to semi-formal all the while retaining the carefree and fun ambiance that made you fall in love with the idea in the first place. Want a totally chilled BBQ? No problem. How about a classy cocktail party? Totally appropriate! All up to you.

6.  More economical. They can often work out to be more economical since they are often also destination weddings. This means that fewer guests will be able to come and therefore it will cost you less in the end.

7.  By having your wedding on a gorgeous stretch of shoreline in an exotic location it makes this important step in your life so much more memorable, not only for you, but also for your guests.

I am sure you have had a walk on the beach when the sun was just starting the set. You soaked up the magic and romance of this twilight moment with the sound of sea and the gulls in the background and a light breeze lifting your hair.

If this is what you would call a perfect moment, then there is no better place for you to exchange your vows with the one you love than on a beautiful beach.

Nuevo Lien

Planning tips

1. Ensure the comfort of your guests

In your planning you must factor in the typical weather at the time of the wedding. Is it early spring with hot days and cooler nights? Is it midsummer and sweltering hot both day and night? Is it during the rain season? From which direction is the prevailing wind?

If it is going to be very hot, make sure you provide something cool and refreshing to drink before the start of the ceremony. A few small bottles of cold mineral water in a large basket near the entrance to the ceremony should do the trick. You can even personalize them with Personalized Water Bottle Labels

You might also think about a Wedding Tent of some sort or a few umbrellas for shade if it will still be very sunny at the time of the ceremony. Or how about some cute Paper Parasols in your white or in your wedding colors.

You can also try and incorporate fans into your program (perhaps print your program on them) with which the guests can cool themselves. Try this DIY Designer Fan Program Paper Kit

For an early spring or autumn beach wedding, planning for colder weather might be useful. Have small inexpensive lap blankets made in your wedding colours or in plain white and leave them on every second seat for the ladies. A couple of portable heaters might also work, or if it is allowed, a fire or two.

In you beach wedding planning, try and arrange your seating so that your guests do not have to stare into the sun while trying to concentrate on your wedding vows.

Remember sunscreen. Try and order a few small sample bottles from a sunscreen company and have them handy with the programs and/or confetti for the guests who forgot to put some on before the ceremony. Or give away some Individually Wrapped Sunscreen Towelettes to each of your guests.

If your beach wedding will continue into the evening make sure there is enough light in the area that can safely lead your guests to the toilet facilities and back to their cars.

Whatever time of day or season you decide on, always remember that a well-informed guest is a happy guest. Make sure you state clearly that some part or all of the wedding will take place on a beach so your guests can take the neccesary precautions themselves and can dress appropriately.

2. Have backup!

You envision perfect weather, a glorious sunset, a gentle breeze, your love by your side and smiling guests. However, Mother Nature often has her own agenda! Good beach wedding planning must always include a backup in case of inclement weather.

If you are having an indoor reception, consider having your ceremony in the same venue as a backup. Alternatively book a tent for the ceremony. This is always helpful if you can drop the sides to shelter from prevailing wind, shelter guests from the sweltering sun and provide cover for intermittent showers.

If your entire wedding will be under open skies, think about booking a tent anyway and then deciding a few days in advance (when you can have a look at the weather predictions) if you think you will need it. Just remember that most companies will still charge you for a portion if not the full rental for the tent whether or not you decide to use it. But it definitely is a small price to pay for peace of mind!

3. Don’t be blown away

Keep in mind that the seaside is synonymous with wind. You can at least expect a fresh breeze. Inform your hairstylist that you will marry on a beach so they can suggest a few styles that will work well for your hair. Again, make sure you have a backup in case of Gale force winds. You may also consider some windbreaks in your beach wedding planning that can easily be put in place the morning of the wedding by a few strong men.

4. Acoustics

Will everybody be able to hear? The beach can be an awfully noisy place with crashing waves and rushing winds. If you are expecting more than 20 people then consider renting a PA system. If it will only be your ceremony on the beach, a small portable PA system (works off a car battery) should do the trick if there are no power points close by. A generator might also be an option, but make sure you have a very long extension cord as generators create a lot of noise themselves and will have to be placed a distance away. Your DJ, band or a local Audio Visual rental company will be able to advise you.

Follow this link for help in choosing your Beach Wedding Music.

5. Know your beach

Acquire a tide table from a local fishing tackle shop. Make sure you visit the beach during high tide. This is all to make sure that you can have your wedding in the desired spot and not be caught unexpectedly by the high tide!

6. Service Providers

All service providers that will contribute to the wedding must be aware of the exact location of the ceremony and/or reception on the beach. Have a site meeting a day or two in advance (preferably at the same time as you are planning the wedding) to make sure everyone is sure where to set up.Service providers will often have to do some beach wedding planning of their own in order to make your dreams a reality. Caterers will have to consider food that will keep well under hot and windy conditions, DJ’s and bands will have to make sure their equipment is kept as sand free as possible. Rental companies will have to plan for the time involved in carrying chairs, tables and decorations onto the beach. A tent (if you are using one) will have to be set up, which could take twice as long on a beach as on a normal grassy area.

7. Pests

All manner of pests have to be considered in your beach wedding planning. Mosquitoes can be a problem at any outdoor wedding. Be sure to plan ahead and include citronella candles in your decor or provide your guests with Insect Repellent Towelettes

Seagulls are notorious beggars and thieves. Make sure you cover all food well.

8. Permits

In doing your beach wedding planning, don’t forget to contact your local parks department, municipality or other local government to acquire a permit to have your wedding on your chosen beach. Be sure to find out about any laws or rules regarding the rigging of structures such as tents and bridal gazebos, trash removal, glass and alcohol on the beaches and the use of fires or torches.

9. Restrooms

Are there restrooms close-by? Are they in a reasonable condition? If you will be there after the sun has set, make sure there is adequate lighting to both light the way to the restrooms and inside each cubicle. Consider some Tiki Torches or if you are on a budget, then perhaps some Paper Luminaries

If restrooms are not available or the available restrooms are not up to standard, then consider it in your beach wedding planning to hire in some portable toilets. Some of these can be very classy with running water; hand soap, towels and self sustained lighting.

10. Privacy

Curious onlookers and uninvited guests are also considerations in your beach wedding planning. A private beach may be the answer. If you are using a public beach, find out if you can designate a part of the beach especially for your wedding, or try and find a cove or a spot secluded slightly by dunes.

11. Other logistical considerations in your beach wedding planning

Is there an electrical point nearby to run lights, sound and catering equipment? Is there running water? If there are no electrical points then you will have to bring in a large enough generator. Try to find a semi-silent generator or have sufficient extension cords to allow the generator to be placed a distance away. Also ensure you have a backup generator and extra fuel.

If no running water is available you will have to remove all dishes from the premises to be washed elsewhere. Your caterer and bar staff will have to be made aware of this so they can make provision for extra cutlery, crockery and glassware. Ensure you have some large containers of fresh water for making coffee and for bar purposes. Your hire company will also have to be notified that some items may be returned dirty. They will most probably charge you a small fee for cleaning.

Ensure that you have enough garbage bins and bags available and please make sure you leave the beach in a cleaner condition than you found it in. Remember that beaches are not only for human recreation, but is home to many creatures.

Nuevo Lien

Beach wedding cakes and toppers

You can  shop around and look at many many photos of beach theme wedding cakes to find your perfect wedding cake and then to take the pictures to your cake maker so you are on the same page as to what you expect.

Here you have a link for Beach Wedding Cake

Your cake topper adds that final beach theme touch to your cake. It finishes off the plainest cake and can add that little bit of humor or class. It also makes a lovely keepsake after the cake has been devoured for you to remember your wedding day by.

Follow this link for more ideas on beach wedding toppers

Nuevo Lien

Color Schemes

If the whole “theme” thing is not your scene, then perhaps just a color scheme is all you need to help you choose your beach wedding decorations.

Beach wedding colors can range from the turquoise seas of the tropics to the deep navy blue of the Atlantic. Of you could base your beach wedding colors on the color of the sand and shells.

Another great and more informal beach wedding color scheme is to have a bright beach wedding, reminiscent of colorful beach towels, beach balls and bathing costumes.

Or think tropical colors or shades of coral. The choice is all yours.

Nuevo Lien

Beach Wedding Decoration Ideas

So, you have decided on a theme or a color scheme and you are still looking for some ideas for your reception beach wedding decorations.

The following things will influence your decor decisions:

  • Venue – on the beach, next to the beach, poolside or lakeside
  • Budget – renting and lugging expensive tents and furniture to a beach can be costly
  • Rentals – the availability of rental items in the area could be limited
  • Guest List – the amount of guests will dictate the amount of rental equipment
  • Your Time – how much DIY are you wanting or willing to do (or get others to do for you).

Ok, so you have an idea of your budget, the guest list, the venue and you know how much of it you want to do yourself. Now let’s brainstorm.

You have the option of a laid-back beach party, a classy poolside cocktail party or a romantic dinner by the seaside complete with tables and chairs. Lets look at some of these variations on formality:

Nuevo Lien

The Laid-Back Beach Wedding

You guys are all about family, friends, food and having a great time together celebrating your
love. You love the sea, the beach, the outdoors and perhaps one of you is a surfer or other water sports enthusiast.

The thought of lugging heavy chairs and tables to the beach is just not what you have in mind when you think about your wedding reception decor.

Nuevo Lien

The Romantic Beach Wedding

You are an incurable romantic and you have dreamed of your wedding day for as long as you can
remember. You love romantic pastel colors, lace and anything vintage.

You want your beach wedding decorations to compliment this important step you have taken in your life and you want it to reflect the love you two feel for each other.

Nuevo Lien

The Poolside Cocktail Party

If you choose not to, or cannot have your wedding right on the beach with your toes in the sand, then a poolside reception would be the next best thing in my opinion.

You also have the option to be a little more formal with this one while still bringing in some beach wedding decorations for a touch of the seaside.

Nuevo Lien

Beach Wedding Dress

Choosing your beach wedding dress is an incredibly exciting and fun part of planning your wedding. If you are planning a beach wedding there are a few specific things you should keep in mind when choosing your wedding gown.

A beach wedding gown could feature featherweight fabrics and flowing silhouettes, or fitted and sexy, but still breathable. Since you are not restricted by church guidelines, you could go for something that will show off a bit of skin, but try and keep it pure, innocent and sensual.

Great fabrics to choose from include: Chiffon, Taffeta, Cotton, Organza, Satin, Shantung, & Tulle. Stay away from anything heavy like Velvet.

Styles best suited to beach wedding gowns are A-lines, Empire, Straight/Sheath, mermaid and slip dresses. Although thoroughly romantic, try and avoid ball gowns and princess style dresses as these are more suited to formal settings and go for a more casual wedding dress.

And of course don’t forget that you will look like a true beach bride if you have a glowing Beach Wedding Tan.

Follow this link to view some gorgeous Beach Wedding Gowns which are available for purchase online, or follow the links below for beach wedding dresses to flatter your particular figure type as well as some more hints and tips to look your best no matter what your shape.

Unfortunately we cannot all have model figures, but that is no excuse for not looking like a goddess on your wedding day! With some planning and consideration you can find the perfect dress no matter what shape you are in.



Thank you, beachwedding-guide.com~!


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