~Hungarian Chocolate Mousse Cake (Rigó Jancsi)~

Hello there, dear followers and visitors~! Today we are going to share a traditional Hungarian dessert recipe with you, which has a really romantic history~!

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~Chocolate Sprinkles Sour Cream Bundt Cake~

Chocolate-Sprinkles-Sour-Cream-Bundt-Cake-7Today we decided to prepare this really interesting-looking dessert. Kanato-kun got a bit mad at first when we told him that it was prepared with dark chocolate, because he hates bitter things. But then his curiosity was bigger, so he tried it, and luckily he didn’t say it was terrible~ xP For those of you who are fans of dark chocolate, you’ll surely like this cake~!

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~DIY Tutorial: Halloween Bat Plushie~

bat13We decided to create a new category on our blog, namely ‘Dolls’. Under this, you’ll find tutorials about how to make plushies and dolls~ ^w^ Since we adore bats a lot and Halloween is getting near, the first tutorial we wish to share is how to make a bat plushie~ Good luck~!

Nuevo Lien


– Fleece fabric in 2 colors
– Small piece of matching cotton fabric
– Felt scraps in contrasting colors
– Embroidery floss in contrasting colors
– Stuffing
– 15mm Safety eyes
– Sewing machine & basic sewing supplies (scissors, thread, needle, etc.)
– Iron


Step 1: Cut out all of your pieces.
– 2 body pieces from fleece
– 2 wing pieces from fleece
– 2 ear pieces from fleece
– 2 ear pieces from cotton
– 1 face piece from cotton

Step 2: Use a zig zag stitch on your sewing machine to attach the face piece to one of the body pieces.

Step 3: Cut the eye pieces and a nose from felt scraps and sew on (by hand) using embroidery floss. Make any other decorative stitching you want. I like to stitch X’s over the zig zag stitching to give it a little more handmade charm. Attach your safety eyes and embroider a mouth/teeth.

Step 4: With right sides together, sew your ear pieces together (with fleece on one side & cotton on the other) using 1/2″ seam allowances. Then trim the excess fabric like the one on the right.

Step 5: Turn them right side out and press with an iron. Then top stitch around the edges.  Fold one edge over a little bit and pin in place.

Step 6: With right sides together, sew your wing pieces together using 1/2″ seam allowances. Be sure to leave a little spot open at the top so you can turn it right side out. Trim the excess fabric around the edges just like you did for the ears.

Step 7: Turn the wings right side out and press with the iron.

Step 8: Top stitch around the edge as shown above (this will close the hole you left for turning). If you have a chalk pencil or fabric marker, draw lines going to all of the points on the wing. Then top stitch over those.

Step 9: Pin your wings in place on the back piece of the body (right side) and stitch a line down the middle to attach the wings to the body.

If you’d prefer, you can wait until the very end to hand sew the wings on. Sewing them on now does make it a tiny bit difficult to sew the body pieces together because they’re so big.

Step 10: Pin your ears in place and then pin the body right sides together. Be sure to roll up the wings to keep them out of the way if you’ve already attached them. Sew the body together using 1/2″ seam allowances. Be sure to leave a little place to turn it right side out. You don’t need to trim the excess fabric from the seams here unless you want to.

Step 11: Turn it right side out and stuff! Stitch the stuffing hole up and you’re done! 🙂



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~The world’s best candy shops~

Once we played a game where we asked each other questions about our dreams, desires, fantasies and thoughts, and my Owner asked Kanato-kun how he would describe Heaven if it existed. Of course his answer included “an endless amount of all kinds of sweets”. It seems that in some places of the world, there are tiny bits of this Heaven waiting for him~ ^w^

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~Sweet Dreams~

sweet dream

God, I had just a wonderful dream~! As you can see, I was swimming inside the buttercream of a cupcake and eating it~ xP My Owner told me that he had the same dream, since he and I share many things together~ The taste of this buttercream felt like grape and blue berry, which made me feel so insane towards this cupcake~ Though we weren’t able to eat it all since my Owner’s big brother woke us up to prepare to go to school. u_u Kanato had the urge of killing him as always.