~The world’s best candy shops~

Once we played a game where we asked each other questions about our dreams, desires, fantasies and thoughts, and my Owner asked Kanato-kun how he would describe Heaven if it existed. Of course his answer included “an endless amount of all kinds of sweets”. It seems that in some places of the world, there are tiny bits of this Heaven waiting for him~ ^w^

Nuevo Lien

1. Dylan’s Candy Bar, Miami

Candy mogul Dylan Lauren—daughter of fashion designer Ralph Lauren—brought her popular treat emporium south in 2013. A lollipop tree stands in the center of the main floor, candy cane columns surround the perimeter, and cases are adorned with oversize candy buttons. Lauren collaborated with Gensler on the design for the space in the landmarked building and kept the original wood ceilings, which she thought looked like chocolate bars. 801 Lincoln Road, Miami; dylanscandybar.com

Nuevo Lien

2. The Candy Room, Melbourne, Australia

Local firm Red Design Group used line drawings to create the playful two-dimensional surroundings of the Candy Room. The black-and-white interiors look like a child’s artwork come to life, with bursts of color supplied by the shop’s wide selection of candy. 1/155 Queen Street, Melbourne.

Nuevo Lien

3. Candylawa, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Pronounced “candy lover,” Candylawa is a cartoonlike wonderland of sweets. Created by Redesign Group, a New Zealand firm, the two-level store is divided into several sections, including stations for design-your-own lollipops or marshmallows and a French patisserie for parents—or kids—with a more sophisticated palate. Panorama Mall, Takhassusi Street, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia; candylawa.com

Nuevo Lien

4. Miette Confiserie, San Francisco

At the Hayes Valley outpost of the popular San Francisco bakery Miette, candy is the star. Owner Meg Ray and her former husband, Christopher, who designed the shop, were inspired by old-world European patisseries when creating the sunny interiors. Glass apothecary jars filled with licorices, caramels, and sour candies line the wood shelves or sit atop cake stands in the charming window display. 449 Octavia Street, San Francisco; miette.com

Nuevo Lien

5. Papabubble, Yokohama, Japan

Barcelona-based candymaker Papabubble’s Yokohama location looks like a cross between a mad scientist’s lab and a hip art gallery. Schemata Architects used concrete, glass, and black tile to give the store an industrial feel. Visitors can watch the artisans making the company’s Murano-glass-like hard candies though the windows that separate the kitchen from the retail space. 4-76-1 Aioi-Cho, Naka-ku Yokohama, Japan; papabubble.jp

Nuevo Lien

6. Sassafrass Sweet Shoppe, Winter Park, Florida

Stocked with cotton candy, cookies, popcorn balls and chewing gum, this sweet shop is nostalgically modelled as an old-fashioned store in which customers select intems piece by piece and put them in small paper bags. It offers modern tastes, too, such as bacon mints, wasabi gumballs and world’s largest gummy bear.

Nuevo Lien

7. Hello Kitty Kitchen and Dining, Taipei

More of a restaurant than a sweet shop, this hotspot is themed around the graphic bobtail cat with a bow at one ear that is so loved in Japan. The bubblegum menu offers everything from Hello Kitty-themed chocolate to sweets, pastries and Kitty-shaped savoury dishes.

Nuevo Lien

8. Candy Freaks, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Set in the heart of Amsterdam, this is the ultimate center of sweets. It offers a particularly wide range of organic and natural types, including gelatin-free gummy bears – which taste delicious.


Thank you, globalblue.com and foxnews.com~!



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