~Christmas Recipes: Beigli (Hungarian Walnut and Poppy Seed Rolls)~


Wiiii~! Look at this awesome Christmas treat from Hungary~! This is the dessert that cannot miss from any Hungarian’s table~!

Beigli is an authentic Hungarian pastry roll that is often served for Christmas. It is sweet and has many varieties of fillings, the most common of which are poppy seeds and walnuts. Beigli originates from Germany and in Hungary it became a custom to bake Beigli for Christmas in the 19th century during the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy.

Since almost every family has their own recipe for this lovely pastry, we decided to give you 3 links to some of these recipes, and it’s your decision which one you’ll find the best~ ^^

Nuevo Lien

  • This one is a Wikihow recipe for the beigli; it contains pictures where you can clearly follow the steps to making this lovely dessert~
  • If you click on this link, it will take you to a recipe posted by a Hungarian person. Besides, on this website you can get to know more about Hungary’s capital city, Budapest~
  • And finally, here you will get another detailed recipe for the dessert with pictures and a good description of the process (also posted by a Hungarian)~

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