~Easy Christmas Decoration Ideas~

Wiiii, Christmas is almost here~! And for those of you who like home-made things and have enough free time to create these lovely decorations, we collected a few tutorials below~

Nuevo Lien

These tiny hats look truly adorable and decorative, don’t you think~? If you hang some of these on your tree, they’ll make it even more unique~!

You can find the tutorial here~








If you are tired of the traditional Christmas balls that you can get in every store, you can create your own~

Click here to find out how to make it~



Look how marvellous these pizzelle candy cones look~! It is definitely a decoration that not too many people have on their trees~!

To see the tutorial, click here~





Christmas and winter are not complete withour snowmen, right~?

If you agree, and you’d like to create your own, visit this link~


crafty-nest-paper-star-lanterns.jpg.pagespeed.ce.wCrfUuo2FDAnd finally, you can put some paper star lanterns on your tree to create a really pleasant and festive atmosphere~

Click here for the tutorial~


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