~Chocolate Fondue at home~

If it weren’t because of Kanato-kun’s big brother, he would bath even in this melted chocolate~ My Owner would be soooo pleased T_T (He tried to do it, honestly) We just tasted it yesterday and my Owner got insane with it; we ate chocolate fondue today too~



~Alternatives to Butter~


This element called “butter” is in every sweet that you can see inside a bakery~ My Owner and I heard that this thing is dangerous for human health if it is consumed often, since the fat found in butter is mostly the saturated variety (the kind that clogs arteries and raises LDL (bad) cholesterol, a contributing factor in heart disease). But it seems that they don’t care. In my Owner’s case, this is not such danger for him~

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~Sorbets with any fruit~


When we talk about sweets or desserts, we are not  only mentioning Cakes, Cupcakes or Cookies. Ice-cream is part of this sweet family~ But my Owner and I tried something similar to “ice-cream”; Sorbets~

Sorbets are a simple combination of fruit juice with sugar. Yes, puree this fruit and add a little sugar, and that’s your sorbet base.

The easiest way to add sugar is to make a simple sugar syrup. Simmer equal parts sugar and water until the sugar is dissolved and let it cool. Remember, though, that freezing dulls sweet flavors, so we want the base to taste slightly too sweet before we freeze.

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