~Chocolate eggs~

My Owner and I went to a bakery shop last Sunday. We just went to get cakes and some bread as always, but we added something else to buy in our list: Chocolate egg~ The human who was selling them explained that they were making them because it was Easter day, a day that my Owner and I weren’t able to understand its meaning. Kanato didn’t care anyway; he just cares about sweets~ He bought like 7 of them and we ate all of them in the same day~ hihi~ It was really delicious, reason why he went back to that bakery to get more. However, there were not chocolate eggs anymore. Mm, he got so mad that he almost breaks the glass that protects the cakes. ^^” Though he feels relaxed now since his big brother made some for him~
His brother followed this excellent recipe~ I’m sharing it with you so you can prepare them by your own instead of waiting for Easter day~ ^^


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