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In food photography we use lots of tricks to make our life easier and also amazing photos. As a food blogger you need to show your food as good as you can. Sometimes all falls apart: the dressing doesn’t stay long on the salad, pasta is sticking together, the dessert looks like you just throw […]

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~Yerba Mate drinker~

Getting out of character, you know that I’m an Argentinean, and being compared with most of other Argentineas, I love Mate. Mate is our special drink that represents us as, in my personal opinion; “Argentinean without Mate, is not an Argentinean”, I quote. Mate is a tradition, a symbol of our homeland, just like the Argentinean barbecue named “Asado”.

All people are welcome to try our flavoring drink, sweet or bitter. You can eat cake, cookies, donuts, anything sweet that you wish. The sweets are always a wonderful companion for it.

Since I’m in Europe, I cannot have Mate, which is a suffering for me. However, I will get some Yerba and a special straw for me on Christmas~

I have found an interesting video about the Yerba Mate, and after watching it, I’m really sure that will convince you to try it~



~Teddy bears everywhere~

Wondering why I choose to talk about these “brothers” of mine? Well, because there is an infinite amount of them. Even human adults use them for cuddling sometimes, like my Owner. In my case, I’m with my Owner since he was a small kid. His mother didn’t use to give him the attention that he wanted, being this the cause of why he got too close to me as a loyal companion, as a friend.

This happens to humans too. Some professional explain that the transitional object may be conceived of in three ways: as typifying a phase in a child’s development; as a defense against separation anxiety; and, lastly, as a neutral sphere in which experience is not challenged.

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~Pumpkin Pie~

Mmm~ The smell of this particular pie is good~ My Owner thought that it was not that awesome since it was made of pumpkin; he hates vegetables. But the sweet smell of it took him to try it anyway. He loves it~

I heard that some Humans like to prepare this pie during a day called Thanksgiving, known as a day of giving thanks for the blessing of the harvest and of the preceding year. As you might know, my Owner and I are not interested in such celebrations, except for the sweets that they can offer~ Heh~
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I’m in Europe now~

Hello there, followers~! It has been really a long time since our last post, which we explained that were having a big problem. I missed this blog~ But my friend and me have been very busy lately u_u

My homeland is Argentina, but because of a change of government, things got worse that expected; we had no choice to leave my home to look for a better future. I’m in Hungary now, and I’m near to get my special card that allows me to be legal here for many years~ I’m very happy and excited to be able to get a job. We are relaxed for now, meaning that we’ll be able to post new things here~ ^^

Thank you for your time in reading this~