I’m in Europe now~

Hello there, followers~! It has been really a long time since our last post, which we explained that were having a big problem. I missed this blog~ But my friend and me have been very busy lately u_u

My homeland is Argentina, but because of a change of government, things got worse that expected; we had no choice to leave my home to look for a better future. I’m in Hungary now, and I’m near to get my special card that allows me to be legal here for many years~ I’m very happy and excited to be able to get a job. We are relaxed for now, meaning that we’ll be able to post new things here~ ^^

Thank you for your time in reading this~


2 thoughts on “I’m in Europe now~

  1. Hi Teddy! I am very glad to hear about you again! Good luck in this new way thst you and your owner are starting, go on like this!! See you soon!


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