~Yerba Mate drinker~

Getting out of character, you know that I’m an Argentinean, and being compared with most of other Argentineas, I love Mate. Mate is our special drink that represents us as, in my personal opinion; “Argentinean without Mate, is not an Argentinean”, I quote. Mate is a tradition, a symbol of our homeland, just like the Argentinean barbecue named “Asado”.

All people are welcome to try our flavoring drink, sweet or bitter. You can eat cake, cookies, donuts, anything sweet that you wish. The sweets are always a wonderful companion for it.

Since I’m in Europe, I cannot have Mate, which is a suffering for me. However, I will get some Yerba and a special straw for me on Christmas~

I have found an interesting video about the Yerba Mate, and after watching it, I’m really sure that will convince you to try it~




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