~Vampire Kiss Cupcakes~


My Owner and I got really excited when we found this amazing cupcake recipe~! We’ll surely prepare it for Halloween, and we believe Kanato-kun and Teddy will love it~ ^w^ And we decided to share it with you, dear followers and visitors, so enjoy it~!

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~Greek Yogurt Banana Muffins~


Me and my Owner found this lovely recipe today, and decided to give it a try~ To be honest, we are always kind of nervous and excited whenever we prepare something new for Kanato-kun and Teddy, but they are always very satisfied with the desserts we make them~! ^^

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~Enjoying the moment~

tumblr_mut61akeWu1scu9ndo1_500My Owner, Kanato Sakamaki, and me got some sweets from one of his big brothers, Reiji Sakamaki. Reiji is not always doing the favors that my Owner asks to him, but after asking him many times and crying loudly, he prepared them just to shut him up. >x> (Even though my Owner is 17 years old, he cries a lot). But here they are~! Our favorite one is the cupcake that has my face~! Look at it, it’s so adorable~! ^w^

Do you have a particular cupcake that you truly love~? ^^ Leave a “comment” in order to answer this question if you wish to~! 

~Two-Tone Buttercream Rose Cupcake~

My Owner and me love Roses soooo much~! It’s our favorite flower~ And when we see a delicious buttercream Rose on top of a cupcake, it’s even better and beautiful~! ^^

~Cupcake Guide~


Cupcakes are wonderful~~! It’s amazing that there are many ways you can use to prepare them~! But each one has their own likes and methods~ My Owner liked the sour cream and the eggs yolks cupcakes so much, just like me~ ^^

Yes, they are popular. But you can find Cupcakes at the grocery store bakery are either bland or cloyingly sweet. Besides, so many have an awful crumbly or greasy texture and artificial aftertaste. And you will be agree with my Owner and me when we comment that Homemade cupcakes are always better. Though small changes in the flour, fat, baking times, and baking temperatures can result in very different cupcakes.

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