~Lime Squares~


Here again with a new thing~ My Owner and me love desserts with strong colors~ In that way, they look more delicious and interesting to taste~ ^^ Like this green color, for example. My Owner loves things with red color so much; it always reminds him the sweetest drink he must have to calm his thirst~ But when it’s about desserts, he loves having a rainbow on his plate, hehe~

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~Chocolate Banana Ice Cream Bars~


Today is my Owner’s birthday, wiii~! On this special occasion, Kanato-kun was willing to help us prepare this lovely dessert! He even fed her a piece of cake, to which she blushed like crazy of course~ x3

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~Christmas Recipes: Beigli (Hungarian Walnut and Poppy Seed Rolls)~


Wiiii~! Look at this awesome Christmas treat from Hungary~! This is the dessert that cannot miss from any Hungarian’s table~!

Beigli is an authentic Hungarian pastry roll that is often served for Christmas. It is sweet and has many varieties of fillings, the most common of which are poppy seeds and walnuts. Beigli originates from Germany and in Hungary it became a custom to bake Beigli for Christmas in the 19th century during the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy.

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