~Valentine’s Day Traditions From Around the World~

Hey there, people~! How was your Valentine’s Day~? Since my Owner spoiled Kanato-kun with all kinds of sweets, he was truly satisfied~

We brought you some interesting traditions from different countries regarding this special day; we hope you’ll enjoy this tiny article~ ^^

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~Sweetheart Jamwiches~

I remember that Vani prepared this to my Owner and me many times. But the first time she made them was in a special day; a day that is celebrated by you, humans. San Valentine’s day, I recall. My Owner isn’t interest a lot in this day, but he knows that he might receive sweets and chocolate from someone. This recipe from her was truly lovely and delicious~! So now I’m sharing it with you~ ^^

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~Chocolate Soufflés with Raspberry Sauce~


This dessert is a good example for Valentine’s day~ We really love this sweet because of its taste and colour, but my Owner is not that interest in this special day. Though he is alright with it because he can eat sweets and lots of chocolates. Hehehe~

This recipe es made by Tessa. As she explains, they are quick to make and bake and the batter can be made ahead of time and baked off later.

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