~Gothic Wedding Video~


Do you remember our article about gothic weddings~? Well, we’ve brought a video example of one~! It is not too long and it can give you some ideas in case any of you plans to have a similar unique wedding~ ^^


~Hungarian Wedding Traditions~


Hey there~! It’s been a good while since we shared anything wedding-related on our blog, so here it goes~! Since my Owner is from Hungary, we thought it could be interesting to show you how a wedding looked like back in the old days in this European country. Anyone who likes learning about other cultures and traditions will surely enjoy this article~ ^w^

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~Beach Wedding~

The last few days, my Owner and me were remembering those days we went to the beach to have some…rest? We didn’t want to go, but his big brother obliged us. In our house in the beach, we were enjoying the view we got from the sea far away. But apart from that, we saw a group of humans who were celebrating something, which seemed like a wedding. We heard about this kind of wedding in the beach, but it was our first time in seeing it. So I thought then that I could show you information about this wedding too~ Just like the others I posted~ ^w^

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~Victorian Wedding~


We have already seen about the Gothic Wedding and the Vampire one, which are our favorites wedding styles~ But now let’s have a look to another which we can call as the Victorian Wedding~ This reminds me the shirt of my Owner with the Victorian neck~ Hehe~ But let’s see a few things about this Wedding~

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~Inspiring And Dramatic Vampire Wedding Ideas~

Hello, dear Followers and Visitors~! Remember the article about gothic wedding that Teddy shared with you~? If you liked it, then this one will also be entertaining for you~! Me and my Owner were so excited and happy when we came across these wonderful ideas, especially because she dreams about having a vampire wedding one day. And given the fact that Kanato-kun is a real vampire, it is not an impossible wish~ We chose the photos we liked the most, which was not an easy thing to do. Anyways, enjoy and have fun with these amazing ideas~! ^^

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~Gothic Wedding~

My Owner has the hobby of creating Dresses for those girls who come at our Mansion, all of them named by him and his brothers as “Sacrificial Brides”. Since they are Vampires, I think you should imagine what it means.

He loves many kinds of Dresses, and those ones from the Gothic Wedding are ones of his favorites~

If you wish to marry, you can add certain elements of a gothic wedding ceremony in order to create a sense of drama and mystery.

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