~Alternatives to Butter~


This element called “butter” is in every sweet that you can see inside a bakery~ My Owner and I heard that this thing is dangerous for human health if it is consumed often, since the fat found in butter is mostly the saturated variety (the kind that clogs arteries and raises LDL (bad) cholesterol, a contributing factor in heart disease). But it seems that they don’t care. In my Owner’s case, this is not such danger for him~

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~Baking secrets for Cakes~

There are always secrets and tips to prepare such wonderful cakes~! My Owner’s big brother know everything about these methods and he always does a perfect job when he bakes not only
cakes, but other food too. Here you have important secrets that you, humans, need to know in order to bake a perfect cake~! My Owner waits always to receive a wonderful and delicious cake~


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~Homemade Buttermilk~

buttermilk 2

In many times, my Owner found himself in desperate need of sweet pancakes, but without the requisite buttermilk in the fridge. Or when he wanted to make a recipe, but he was reluctant to buy an entire carton of buttermilk when he only needed a half cup. But the solution that his big brother showed to us was a quick recipe to make buttermilk substitute in less than ten minutes~ ^^

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~Make Your Own Brown Sugar~

brown sugar 2

The fact that we love sugar is undeniable. But what happen when my Owner doesn’t find sweets, specially Sugar?. . .You better cover your ears because he would scream a lot~ ^^”. So we were trying to find a way in which can substitute our sugar if there’s no any left~ Brown, yellow, red, purple, green, we don’t care about the color. As long as it’s sweet and sugar, of course~ ^^ Kanato can ask Reiji to buy some, but the homemade brown sugar is slightly more fragrant than store-bought~

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~Two-Tone Buttercream Rose Cupcake~

My Owner and me love Roses soooo much~! It’s our favorite flower~ And when we see a delicious buttercream Rose on top of a cupcake, it’s even better and beautiful~! ^^

~Cupcake Guide~


Cupcakes are wonderful~~! It’s amazing that there are many ways you can use to prepare them~! But each one has their own likes and methods~ My Owner liked the sour cream and the eggs yolks cupcakes so much, just like me~ ^^

Yes, they are popular. But you can find Cupcakes at the grocery store bakery are either bland or cloyingly sweet. Besides, so many have an awful crumbly or greasy texture and artificial aftertaste. And you will be agree with my Owner and me when we comment that Homemade cupcakes are always better. Though small changes in the flour, fat, baking times, and baking temperatures can result in very different cupcakes.

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~Making Flax egg~

Ne,nee~! If reading the recipe for making some flax egg is not enough for you, you can watch this video in order to have an easier help~ ^^