~Stevia benefits and risks~


My Owner and I heard many times this word “Stevia” nowadays. We heard things like drinks with Stevia, sweets with Stevia, even the disgusting coffee with Stevia. “Is that thing. . .A PLANT??!!!”, my Owner asked with some shock. “Sugar is the best sweet that one can have. WHY THE HELL THE HUMANS WOULD USE THIS?!!”. A long story u_u.

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~Alternatives to Butter~


This element called “butter” is in every sweet that you can see inside a bakery~ My Owner and I heard that this thing is dangerous for human health if it is consumed often, since the fat found in butter is mostly the saturated variety (the kind that clogs arteries and raises LDL (bad) cholesterol, a contributing factor in heart disease). But it seems that they don’t care. In my Owner’s case, this is not such danger for him~

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~Fruits and Their Befenits~

Hello, people~! How’s your day going~? Today we are going to share all the health benefits that these magical things called fruits have~ Not only they are delicious and sweet, but they can help you fight and protect yourself from many diseases and health problems! You can get a great, colourful list with adorable drawings here: [link]

And also on this informative picture:


~Benefits of Ginger~

My Owner and me had many desserts with some ginger as any ordinary ingredient. Though we can find ginger in many things too apart from sweets. Besides, you surely heard that some of you, humans, use it as a special medicine. As you know, we don’t worry about health issues. But we didn’t know that Ginger had many benefits for you, mortals. So take a look at this~!

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~Berry Frozen Yogurt~

Surely, I told you before that my Owner likes fruit quite a lot, specially with some sweet elements like cream~ Yogurt can be a sweet snack too simple and common for him, but if it’s combined with other things, it can turned more delicious than before~ This sweet is a flavored low-fat dessert, but the taste is quite good indeed~ ^^ And for those humans who are doing a diet or have this diabetes problem, this is a good dessert for you~

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~Honey Information~



Honey is one of our sweets in our home, of course. It’s not because we know about its benefits on health and other stuff. It’s just because is a lovely sweet for many things to eat~ Like toasts, cookies, cakes, etc. My Owner just care about this, but since you can have some problems with your health, humans, I bring you some information about this Natural Sweet~

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