~Vegan Purple Sweet Potato Pie~


Hello there~! It has been a long time~! Glad to share something new here in the blog~ My Owner had been having lots of problems with a boy named Azusa lately. He hates him deeply, but I’m not here to narrate something awful. I’m here to show you. . .a purple pie~! Like my Owner’s hair and eyes~ ^w^

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~Benefits of Ginger~

My Owner and me had many desserts with some ginger as any ordinary ingredient. Though we can find ginger in many things too apart from sweets. Besides, you surely heard that some of you, humans, use it as a special medicine. As you know, we don’t worry about health issues. But we didn’t know that Ginger had many benefits for you, mortals. So take a look at this~!

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~Making Flax egg~

Ne,nee~! If reading the recipe for making some flax egg is not enough for you, you can watch this video in order to have an easier help~ ^^